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Professional VHF radio ANYTONE AT588 66-88 Mhz FM


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CRT - TX000588

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Product Details

Professional VHF* radio ANYTONE AT588 66-88 Mhz FM

VHF * radio station of the brand Anytone, model AT588, for professional use or amateur radio. This station allows to transmit and receive in FM from 66 to 88 mHz. It has all the functionality of a high-end VHF set, while offering excellent value for money. Ideal for radio amateurs, radio enthusiasts, for ballads 4x4 or professional use. The scope of this station associated with a long antenna can extend to several tens, even hundreds of kilometers in optimal conditions.

In France or in Europe, frequencies ranging from 66 to 88 mHz may concern military use, the Gendarmerie Nationale, aeronautical radiolocation, police, firemen, SAMU ... Therefore, the use of this radio Which can receive and transmit on these frequencies is subject to regulation. The sale and holding of this post is free but please respect the legislation in force in your country in case of modulation.

* VHF (Very High Frequencies) is a radio communication mode covering the spectrum of 30 to 300 MHz

Consultez ici la liste de toutes les fréquences radio

This item can be delivered in its standard, pre-debrid or full unbuffered version (the operation requires some adjustments, but if you wish we can provide you with an instruction to avoid the cost of the option).

Included accessories

This item comes with: a mounting cradle and its complete mounting kit | Multi-function microphone with alphanumeric keypad | A 12V fuse-protected power cord connected to the station | A beam to connect the station to the 12V battery of your vehicle | Two multilingual user manuals (with French version): a manual for the standard version and a manual specific for the export version


This radio is a mobile station designed to be installed on a car or powered by a power supply if you want to use it at home. To install this station in your car, simply connect the cables to the battery of your vehicle and connect it to an antenna that you position on the roof or other metallic part of vehicle.

Recommended antennas for this post

For mobile use (car, motorcycle, etc.), we recommend the use of a long removable magnetic antenna that offers the best performance on this type of VHF station. Do not hesitate to consult us to order the antenna suitable for this post.

Specifications and features

Mode FM ( Wide / Narrow )
Frequency range RX / TX : 68-88 mHz programming by PC
Power LOW : 10 Watts / MIDDLE : 25 Watts
Memories 200 channels + 1 channel priority call
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz / 20 kHz / 25 kHz
Step of increment 5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 50 kHz
SCRAMBLER Yes : encryption method, speech privacy (option)
SQUELCH Yes : elimination of background noise
CTCSS / DCS (encoder/decoder) 50 CTCSS / 1024 DCS : sub-audio code to activate repeater like selective tone
DTMF (encoder) Yes : tones selected to activate repeater, internet gateway and other items
ANY CODE Yes : ID code + selective call
TOT function Yes : time out timer
SCAN function Yes : automatic search of busy channels
COMPANDER function Yes : TX with a clear voice
TX/OFF function Yes : forbidding emission
BCLO function Yes : busy Channel Lock
REVERSE function Yes : the current channel RX frequency will be switched to TX frequency
TALK AROUND function Yes : switch RX/TX frequencies and CTCSS/DCS code to avoid using repetear
ALARM function Yes : the transceiver will sound alarm beep, meanwhile, it start transmitting and send the alarm beep to companions or systems
APO function Yes : automatic power off (programmable)
Various functions Keyboard lock + channel name édit + Auto dialer + SCAN function CTCSS/DCS
Bonus Burglar alarm + data plug
Mike UP/DOWN selection + multifunction keys + DTMF inclused
Display LCD display (adjustable brightness)
Level display Power supply voltage + various function ...
Options Programming cable + software + clone by cable
Programmable by software Yes
Size 140 x 41 x 190 mm
Weight 1.2 kgs
Guaranty 2 years