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PayPal fees

If you use PayPal, and the product you order stipulates paying the PayPal fees in addition, then pay the fees that this service provider charges us, otherwise the order will be canceled and the PayPal fees not refunded.

If the title of a product on order stipulates to contact us before ordering, do not order especially and even less by PayPal, before having contacted us. PayPal fees are non-refundable!

PayPal is a provider that charges a commission of a transaction. PayPal fees are taken directly from the transaction on the merchant's account. This commission is calculated by PayPal on the basis of a percentage, and a fixed part. For international transactions and for currency conversions, there are significant additional fees. The commission rate is generally around 3.5% for french transactions and 6% for international transactions.

We want to keep prices correct, competitive, economically viable for the sustainability of our small business and for our customers. Therefore, on most items PayPal fees must be paid in addition to the order. PayPal fees charged by REBELCAR are subject to the VAT (value-added tax) of your country of delivery.

The fees charged by REBELCAR for the use of PayPal for such or such a product may not correspond exactly to the actual amount excluding taxes of PayPal fees.

The title of the option is "Payment" or "Payment", or even "Payment method". The options are then designated as follows: - “PayPal (PayPal fees)” followed by the amount of the fees - "Credit Card, Check or Transfer (order canceled and fees retained if you use PayPal)"

It is impossible not to see or not to understand the title of the option. It is up to you to pay these fees if you choose to use PayPal.

REBELCAR does not accept PayPal for certain items. If it is stipulated in the title, do not use PayPal otherwise your order will be canceled.

If you have ordered items specially ordered from a factory, with sometimes, long and non-guaranteed delivery times, which will have been clearly indicated in the description, do not put pressure REBELCAR by triggering a "PayPal dispute": you are likely to see your order immediately canceled and the PayPal fees and administrative costs for lost working time withheld. For example for SPEEDLINE rims ex works.

It is recalled that canceling an order before shipment is in no way a "withdrawal", and that the working time (ordering of items, customer service, administrative processing of the order, refund, etc.) that you will have imposed to REBELCAR, as indicated in our T&Cs, will necessarily be charged with fees.

PayPal fees are permanently deducted by PayPal and are, therefore, non-refundable.

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