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Only one white reflective CA Beautiful British Columbia aluminum plate // HPO 97J with custom vignettes


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Only one 304 x 152 mm (12 x 6 inches) white retro-reflective aluminum license plate with reversely embossed border and 4 oblong holes

Upper text made under the form of a vinyle sticker (transfer), in blue: Beautiful British Columbia

Middle line, NAVY BLUE registration: HPO [space] 97J

In between HPO and 97J, the British Columbia flag under the form of a vinyle sticker

At the bottom of the plate, there must be left a space to stick 2 custom vignettes, as follows:

Vignette 1: 30 in black on white background, round corners

Vignette 2: NOV 2019 / 95010966 / barcode / BRITISH COLUMBIA in black on yellow background, round corners

Proportions of the vignettes will be kept, as per your picture (email from Wed. 04-SEP-2019 19:40)


Potential lead time: 1 month

Cause of supply delay: taylor-made / designed plate with stickers supply time


Making time on site : 2 business days (embossing, foiling, positioning of the stickers, packing)

Shipping time: depending upon your destination country


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In case of desired changes (or errors in the description), please contact us by email before to place the order. This is very important so as the order form provided to the workshop is accurate. If you pay the order and then send other instructions, the order will be cancelled.


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